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Have you noticed how a room’s aesthetic affects your state of mind? Some places lift your mood, while others bring you a sense of calm. One factor for this are the colours you see in within these spaces.

It’s not magic but instead, a psychological effect proven by a ton of research— color impacts how you feel and how you behave.

Because of this, it’s essential to understand why and how colour affects our emotions. It can be used as a communication tool that you can harness to influence action and evoke an emotional response.

The Use of Colour in Marketing

So, How can this theory be applied to business?

A Paper published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science by Lauren Labrecque and George Milne titled “Exciting Red and Competent Blue” suggests that customers’ purchases are affected by a brand’s color scheme and can amplify or detract from a brand’s identity and personality. It can also be utilized to increase brand likeability and familiarity.

Have you ever wondered why the biggest fast food companies use red and yellow?

Red not only attracts attention but stimulates appetite. In addition, yellow makes potential customers feel happy. These two colors combined bring emotions to the surface that are needed by brands to increase hunger and improve sales

It’s the subliminal push that most customers don’t think about but has a huge impact on their perception nonetheless.

The same concepts can be to be applied to your business. The use of color has the ability to change customer perception and increase their need for your product, which is why your social media feed needs a color scheme in 2021. It’s the biggest reason why your social feed needs a colour scheme in 2021!

Creating Your Color Scheme

Big-name brands do extensive research and spend massive amounts of capital finding color combinations that represent them. Your budget might not be as big as those of Fortune 500 companies, but the ability to implement these attributes is paramount to your success.

There attributes can make or break your brand:

Coca coal marketing
  • Your colour scheme should reflect your brand message

Do you have a message? It’s the core of what your brand conveys to your target audience. Your mission sets you apart from others and how you show it is paramount to your success. It the expression of your promise to potential customers that garners trust and enthusiasm.

Think about this when choosing your colors, and make sure what you choose aligns with your message. With careful strategy and ideal color combinations, you can increase your reach, improve your engagement and get the traction your brand deserves. 

  • The color should attract your target market

The main question is, who’s your target market? Choose a shade is perceived positively by the audience you want your business to attract. 

Their gender, age, and even cultural background can influence what they think about the colours you’re using and whether or not it’s compelling it is to them. 

Potential prospects become Conversions. By having an appropriate colour scheme you can subtly influence their decision to increasing sale and improe your ROI

The Psychology of Colour

Now that we’ve established the ways colors lift your brand, it’s time to choose a combination that will truly represent your business.

There might be variations on how people interpret the symbolism behind colors, but here’s a quick overview of their universal meaning according to the book, Handbook of Color Psychology by Anna Franklin:

  • Red: urgency, power, excitement, passion, energy
  • Orange: warmth, change, friendly, fun, confidence
  • Yellow: happiness, optimism, cheery, intensity, motivating
  • Green: nature, growth, healing, health, money
  • Blue: calmness, security, stability, loyalty
  • Pink: sensitivity, tenderness, playful, romantic, charming
  • Purple: royalty, mystery, sophistication, wisdom, exotic
  • Brown: organic, stability, natural, simplicity
  • Black: classic, serious, professionalism, elegance
  • White: cleanliness, honesty, innocence, minimalist, neutral

Consistent Colors Boost Your Branding

Brand identity is all about trust, familiarity, and loyalty. If you want your potential consumers to gain awareness of your brand, you must be consistent with your brand identity. This includes the color schemes you use in your social media posts. Constantly changing your color schemes would only deter you from achieving that.

color scheme brand

Stand out from the competition by creating a feed your customers can easily recognize as yours.

Always Get Your Message Across

If you’re unsure about how you can get your brand message to your target audience, or if you’d like some help highlighting your brand identity to your social media, we can help you with that.

On Tap Social Media is a team that is passionate about their work and can help your social feeds achieve the right look and feel. From images to videos and animation – whatever content you need we’ll make it for you so you can accurately express your brand.

If you want beautiful, cohesive content and have social media that represents who you are as a business, message and let us help you today.

March 16, 2021