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Any entrepreneur must inevitably face the questions, “Is social media worth my time, and if so, which is the best platform for my business?” These looming concerns haunt beginners while others balk and believe they know the answer. Some blogs swear by one approach while others couldn’t be more adamant that their competitor’s tact is outdated. So how do you determine which is right for you? Between the rise of TikTok, the fall of Facebook, and Snapchat barely holding on, it can be overwhelming to determine whether your presence should be on every platform, one or just a select few. Realistically, Your choice of platform will depend on many factors that will determine whether social media really can be essential to your success.

  • Target Audience
  • Business Goals
  • Content
  • Time

Each of these has its own role to play in your strategy but no one is more important than any other.

So, how do you determine your social media strategy?

Figure Out Your Target Audience

Social media

Your business has its own demographic — the consumers who support your brand, buy similar items and believe in the mission your business aims to support. These potential consumers are your target audience.

As you build it essential to pay attention to who engages with your presence online before thinking about social media. Where are they coming from? Is it organic traffic, the social platforms you’ve already set up, or word of mouth? By linking your site and social media with Google you can gain an almost complete breakdown of key factors like, where they shop, what they like and how you can focus on their desires.

Identify where and who your customer before attempting to dominate any area of focus. Concentrate on how you can build a strong and consistent social media presence on that platform. Your goal is to create, a loyal army of fans, not a one-time purchase.

If you’re unsure where to begin with google analytics, check out our next blog on, Google Analytic Basics.

Where Should You Post Your Content?

Not all types of content work on every social media platform. You must consider which types of content work best for your chosen platform(s). 

Videos are proven to generate higher engagement on Facebook while high-res photos are the winner on Instagram. Twitter despite its age remains a site for dialogue, discourse where users can find breaking news relevant to your industry, or its followers. As these industry giants continue to push forward a few new players have been gaining popularity.

social media audience

LinkedIn while not necessarily new has seen an enormous uptick in professionals who are trying to build their network. In 2019 it was voted the most trusted network and increased its sessions in 2020 by over 22%. Company news, industry-related webinars, and blogs dominate their feeds. Its platform entices users to engage with brands, increase visibility and improve chances of brand recognition.

TikTok has also exploded and become an undeniable leader. If your audience is a Millennial or Gen Z, its platform can’t be ignored. Not only has it begun to host ads but its algorithm intuitively targets the users most likely to respond to your content even if it isn’t boosted.

Meanwhile, Pinterest relies on images as content but provides visual inspiration for everything from decorating, branding, and how-to guides. Its infographics and intuitive interface remain popular for groups of all ages.

Knowing what type of content each platform focuses on is paramount to your success as you plot your content strategy but its not everything.

Determine Your Business Goals

social media business success planning

Having a social media presence does not mean you are “winning,” or even competing against your competitors. Social media efforts are often put to waste if you don’t have a clear goal. In social media, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are king. If you can’t measure it, don’t do it. KPI’s are measurable metrics that evaluate the performance of your efforts.

According to HubSpot, there are 4 categories of KPIs

  • Reach
    • If your business’s goal is to build awareness, you might want to focus on your follower count, impressions, mentions, and shares. These factors will show you how your business is being reacted to by potential prospects.
  • Engagement
    • If instead, you want to create a dialogue where consumers feel heard and have an effect on your brand. Think about engagement. Allow your audience to interact with your content, have a say in your product by measuring metrics like favorites, comments, and retweets as well as, ratings and reviews.
  • Return On Investment
    • If your KPI is purely monetary, odds are you’re looking for the best return on your monetary and temporal investment. Here your focus should be on converting your followers into purchasers. Concentrate on your efforts on your sales funnel, lead generation, and revenue from social media.
  • Retention and loyalty
    • Lastly, if you’re more service-driven and want to create lifetime loyalty, your focus might be a bit more nuanced. Excellent customer service and customer retention are your key factors Ratings and reviews, resolved issues, resolution time, and customer satisfaction are your best friends.

Next Steps

on tap social media

If all this sounds a bit too overwhelming or there are some unfamiliar terms. Check out our social media basics checklist where we show you the ropes on social media and its nuances.

If you’re a seasoned pro and you’re looking for a bit more head over to our blog where we cover everything from voice search optimization for SEO, the intricacies of online promotions and how you can best manage influencer relations.

Want to be heard and seen on social media? On Tap Social is ready to open up the tap and make your customers thirsty for more. Our team of dedicated expert social media strategists, animators, and graphic designers will do all the work for you while you focus on your business. Contact us now today to get a jump start on your competition.

March 22, 2021