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Browse through your socials. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… whatever you use most. Are your social media accounts filled with an abundance of well-curated content, or is it a desert landscape that feels somewhat abandoned?

It’s time to take some measures if you relate more with the latter, especially if you’re running a business or if you want to boost your social media presence.

Why?  55% of consumers will actively seek information about your business online before making a BIG decision like purchasing or subscribing. Social media pages that lack content rarely give potential customers the information they need and often leads to frustration. 

So how can you avoid having a  dry and uninspiring social media desert…?

Consider this: it’s time to schedule your posts ahead of time on social media to give yourself ample opportunity to plan out your content, and actually make them. Doing so will ensure your socials will be a jungle of lush content, ripe for your audience to engage in. 

Three Reasons Why You Need to Schedule Your Content

You may think, isn’t social media supposed to be spontaneous? Well, here are three reasons why you need to schedule your content:

  1. It helps you post more consistently

The secret to a strong social media presence is consistency and not frequency. Posting too much or too little can turn off your audience, but if you schedule your content in advance, you’ll start to see how you place it in ways that are cohesive and provide a unified brand. 

Plus, it’s also easier to identify where you lack content so you can  fill those gaps with quality content including photos, videos and links.

2. You can execute your strategies effectively

Scheduling allows you to create clear strategies that make your post feel authentic and organic. This provides you some time to put more thought into each post, to ensure it reflects your vision and message. 

Holidays happen throughout the year, and you deserve to enjoy them.

3. You don’t have to worry about off days

Auto-scheduling helps you retain your social media presence without being glued to your phone or computer because content will still be published whether you’re around or not. That’s the beauty of automation.

Best Social Media Posting and Scheduling Tools

It’s unfortunately too easy to drop the ball even if you plan on posting regularly. Luckily, there are apps to help you schedule your posts! 

Later for Instagram

Later is a cloud-based posting app that allows you to organise your content. You can upload images for future posts, and even videos – if you have a paid plan. It has a drag and drop deck that allows you to manage your schedule easily. Filtering out images and creating stories can be done in a snap, saving you plenty of time.

The Paid Plan takes it one step further by allowing you to manage Instagram comments.

Tweetdeck for Twitter

Tweetdeck makes the whole Twitter experience better. You can keep track of things manageably with customisable dashboards that will display the information you want, from the feeds you follow, your notifications, mentions and even messages. 

Organise your campaigns by scheduling posts through Tweetdeck. You can include GIFS and images to messages, and edit any scheduled tweets before posting.

It has a solid monitoring tool that you can use to identify when the best time to post is, and what kind of tweets resonate more with your audience.

Effortless Quality Content

People often neglect their socials because they feel they don’t have the time or capability to create something interesting. Publishing content is one thing, but coming up with engaging materials is a different story.

That’s where we come in.

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If you want to spend your time and energy doing other things than making content, On Tap Social Media is all about helping you throughout the whole process. We will make your social media content a priority, so you don’t have to.

On Top Social Media is all about creating quality content, from images to motion graphics that makes your audience come back for more. Videos, animations, and professionally branded photography… you name it. We can do it.

leave it to us to create, schedule and monitor your socials. We will build and nurture authentic relationships with your customers while simultaneously connecting with prospects.

If you want your feed to feel like a lush forest of quality posts full of content guaranteed to attract your target audience and are ripe for engagement, reach out to and let’s start creating a social media plan for you.

April 7, 2021