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Another year means another set of digital marketing trends have arrived that entrepreneurs can take advantage of or neglect while others get ahead. The top two types of content that audiences continue to find appealing are video and audio. It may not be surprising that these two categories have continued to dominate the market. But surprisingly audio content is now making a comeback — and it’s likely to stick around!

Earlier this year, Wyzowl released their annual State of Video Marketing survey which shows approximately 9 out of 10 netizens are more likely to watch video content than any other type of content. A picture may be worth a thousand words but video can tell an entire story and engage viewers in ways a singular image can’t. 

For video to be effective, online users are required to give their full attention in order to absorb the content. But with audio, the need is diminished. By backing up video with an abundance of audio it triggers an audience’s imagination and can also acquire the attention of those who are multitasking. 

Content creation is progressive so we’re going to break down the current trends in video and audio that can help you unlock the secrets of social media’s newest features that can help boost your branding and increase your visibility. 

Join The Live Streaming Community

The work-from-home revolution made many turn to teleconferencing and other means to stay connected. Video calls have become part of the new normal. We use them for work,  for education, and families have been able to stay connected through the same medium.

This use of video has pushed major social media giants like TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to upgrade their in-app’s features to compete with the changing landscape that has evolved over the last year.  Improving options for streaming live video has become paramount to their success and yours. 

Youtube Live Streaming

Live streaming is extremely favorable for businesses and provides numerous benefits— especially to small businesses or those just starting out. Streaming provides the audience an ability to connect with a business more intimately and improve their confidence in the brand. The connection that live broadcasts provide are immediate. It provides a sense of excitement that is unrivaled. But what does it mean to connect with users this way? 

Live Shopping

Smart entrepreneurs take advantage of every tool available. From customer feedback to blogs that review products, live shopping has become a main source of revenue for many industry giants. While this option has been around for years, the last year of global changes made live shopping thrive more than ever before. 

The best example of this is Facebook’s Shops. Businesses with on-hand items are provided the opportunity to sell their products directly to watchers while streaming. Through this medium, they’re able to leverage their viewers’ interest and sell products in real-time. The ability to inspect any item you want to buy, view its nuances, and getting first dibs on new releases while staying within the comfort of your own home is an unparalleled experience. 

Live broadcasts boast the opportunity to gather as many viewers (and customers) as you can. The only limit? Your inventory.

Live Customer Engagement

Another approach businesses can use is going live and engaging with potential customers. By inviting your followers to join your live stream you can create a relatable personality behind the brand, include a promotion or answer specific questions related to the goods or services that you’re offering in real-time. This method allows you to hit two birds in one stone: brand awareness and positive marketing. 

Statistics shown by SurveyMonkey show that customers and the feedback economy play a huge factor in a consumer’s buying decisions. Consumers are now more trusting of reviews and previous buyer responses than ever before and rely on them more than advertisements. 

Today, your business can prove itself through successful live streaming and taking advantage of the reviews customers provide. 

The power of live streaming has just begun. 

Now that the world has experienced the potential of online interaction, more possibilities will inevitably unfold.

Explore The World Of Podcasts

Similarly podcasts are an avenue that many are still unfamiliar with as an avenue for advertising.  If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what a Podcast is, here’s a brief overview.

Like those old-school radio shows, podcasts are uploaded for anyone to listen. The shows are available anytime, anywhere. This makes podcast content easily digestible, portable, and works perfectly well with a multitasking audience.

Basic podcast equipment only includes a computer, microphone, and headphones

In a recent release note by Nielsen, the podcast audience growth rate is increasing and it will most likely double by 2023. While many may predict the downfall of podcasts and their oversaturation, your social media strategy can still benefit from producing podcasts. 

So what are the perks, exactly? Let’s dive in.

Wider Marketing And Promotion

Marketers often follow the crowd while keeping their pulse on the future of their industries. Many target markets are glued to their mobile devices and the utilization of podcasts can help them reach their demographics. The topics podcasts cover range widely and tap into a wide variety of communities. So, whether your business is offering products, services, or education, podcasts can be an opportunity to discover where your ideal customer finds community.

Repurpose Your Content Easily

Share your podcast, post, or blog through your brand’s social media, include them on your blog, or even add them on your brand’s website as contributors to your mission. Today’s audience is attracted to brands that provide them with quality information and unique value. If you can combine the ideals of potential conversions with your mission statement you can achieve an explosive presence. 

The Power Of Networking

If you don’t have enough background to begin doing podcasts or follow other options noted above, don’t fret!

Start by thinking about the value and vision of your brand. From there, filter the content you can provide to others. By reaching out to those who resonate with your brand you can discover partners that can help you improve your reach and increase your brand’s influence.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still clueless about what to do, On Tap Social is here to help. On Tap supports your future video and audio content through crafting strategies, crafting copy, optimizing hashtags, and more. Save time and money with our curated content.. Let us take care of social media while you focus on what matters most – ROI. 

April 26, 2021