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The global pandemic turned the whole world upside down. The global economy struggled and businesses all over the world faced difficulties. Activities have been either put on hold or are happening in an entirely new setting. Meanwhile people have been forced to quickly find workarounds to replace their day to day activities. It seems that nearly everyone and everything went online.

As vaccines are rolled out and with restrictions slowly easing, there’s no denying that the effects of COVID-19 have made themselves apparent. We are in the era of, “The New Normal” – and the new normal is a mix of virtual and face-to-face interaction.

For Many this is an easy transition. Businesses with a robust work from home policy may have been able to make the switch without trouble but as an entrepreneur, what does it mean for you? How can you use this time to improve your returns? We went scouting and found 8 key’s to success that all types of businesses must can implement.

Check Out New Channels And Features

According to Statista, 2.14 billion people around the world purchase through a digital platform each year. And because of the current global situation it’s continuously increasing at a rapid pace. 

The use of social media for businesses has never been as powerful as it is now. Savvy, entrepreneurs know that trends are not the thing you have to keep up with. You also have to be aware of new channels, influencers and updated features. by incorporating them you can remain competitive while building a unique relationship with your audience.

Facebook and Instagram’s marketplace provides consumers the option to shop without leaving the platform. This allows an enhanced customer experience as consumers no longer need to click away and leave their social accounts to order purchase their product. By implementing this now you can capturing the attention of your audience. Their early exposure to your technology will associate you with being ahead of the curve in and allow your business to have a stronger and lasting connection with those customers who enjoyed the feature.

Which Platform Is Right For Your Brand

As entrepreneurs we must recognize which social media platforms produce higher engagement and where the potential market is more active at any given point.

It’s not necessary to have a business account on all social media platforms. For small businesses, it’s recommended to stick with at least 2-3 social accounts to maintain the quality of content and engagement with your followers. Overexposure will only cause harm to your brand as online users will find your content similar to a spam message – too much and annoying.

The top 3 social media accounts for engagement – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

A Strong Partnership

As more people are relying on the use of the internet to stay connected, the world of business is now shifting to online access. Based on Harvard Business Review’s data, marketing budgets for collaborating with influencers and creators are expected to rise to 12.7%. These online personalities establish authentic relationships and trust between your brand and the market in ways that advertisements cannot offer.

In line with what we’ve discussed in our recent blog about Influencer Marketing, your business’s social media management should also emphasize on training and building a relationship with the influencers you’re working with. It can be achieved through a bi-weekly or monthly check-in where an open discussion about product updates, feedback, and exclusive freebies can be gifted. Through this approach, a beneficial partnership can be extended.

Join In The Right Discussion

2020 opened a the door for many issues that were previously ignored and sparked movements that will are now being openly discussed by netizens worldwide. Authentic exchange of communication is appealing to the audience and provides power. By humanizing your brand you make it easier to show that you care about your customers without making it feel inauthentic.

The biggest mistake business have made is taking advantage of social media during the pandemic by paying for ads that saturate the market. Humans inherently crave connection with one another other but they don’t need more inauthenticity. If you’re you’re an entrepreneur who’s spending time and money on advertisements, divert your focus on genuine customer care, and supply value through informative content instead.

Create Content That Adapts To The New Reality

Balance is the foundation that builds meaningful content. Your goal is to remain relevant without being perceived as insensitive or disingenuous .

A great example of a brand to emulate is Lego. Their online classes and work-from-home setup allowed families to be kept safe at home while capitalizing on nostalgia. Lego was provided content through posting about how their products can boost one’s imagination amid the pandemic and creating a #LetsBuildTogether campaign that focuses on inspiring their followers as well as connecting families all over the world.

Tap On The Boomer Market

While some families focus on young ones at home others are prioritizing the elderly and aging populations Senior citizens have been forced to not only forced stay inside their houses but quickly adapt to the use of online platforms in order to stay connected

This helps family and friends but also helps business as well.

In fact, the data produced by GlobalWebIndex shows that baby boomer’s are discovering new brands and products through social media at an increased rate. About 66% or aquarter of 57-75-year-olds are now actively using and spending time on social media.

A previously untapped market has emerged from their evolution so, if your business is catering to a wide age demographic, now is the right time to start tapping into the boomer market.

Invest in Social Media Talent

Social Media Management is now an essential part of any type of business. From boomers to the Gen Z’s you can gain influence and a following. With the right management, your brand can skyrocket their mission and achieve a positive impact that can launch you to the moon.

If you’re ready to invest today, On Tap Social can help you succeed. We help business owners like you say goodbye to the stress of handling your online presence while improving your potential to make a difference.

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May 13, 2021