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You’ve worked hard to create your content but now you need a catchy call-to-action that will create conversions.

Acquiring a huge following and building engagement relies not only on how amazing your content is but also on writing quality copy that contains call-to-action words that will inspire your audience to respond.

For social media management newbies, call-to-action or CTAs are phrases that convince your audience to take an action. Like, subscribe, buy now and sign up are all great examples.

If you’re stumped and unsure where to begin keep reading for some examples of the best CTA’s on the web.

Things to Consider Before Crafting your Call-to-Action.

  • In addition to using your brand’s voice, make the tone of your caption personal.
  • Make the action phrases simple and clear. You don’t want your audience to feel confused.
  • Remember, the goal is to get your user to do something at that exact moment, not later.
  • You can use several call-to-actions on one post or page as long as it makes sense and flows well with message.
  • Don’t be too pushy. Too many CTA’s can make a potential new lead click away.
  • Define your action first, before writing

The Best Call-To-Action Phrases:

We’ve gathered a list of call-to-action examples along with their purpose so you can take advantage of them now. After writing compelling copy for your content, simply insert a fitting CTA at the end, and voila! It’s good to go live!

For ease of use, we’ve left the ends of these blank so you can insert your product or service name.

To get sales:

  • Click this link to buy…
  • Shop link in bio
  • Reserve your…
  • Add to cart…
  • Pick this…
  • Yes, I want…
  • Pamper yourself today
  • Lets do it!

To gather leads:

  • Subscribe to get more…
  • Join here
  • Sign up on my…
  • Refer a friend to…
  • Get started by…

To get engagements:

  • Drop x emoji if you agree!
  • Ask questions (use the 5Ws and 1H) – “What do you think?”
  • Comment ____ if it resonates.
  • Share this post with a friend who needs to see this!
  • Like this post if you enjoyed it!
  • Double tap if you like this post
  • Shoot me a DM for more info
  • Start your Journey today
  • Start the quiz

To create a sense of urgency:

  • Buy now and get % off!
  • Limited time offer only!
  • Order to get ___freebie!
  • Take advantage of…
  • Stock Running Out
  • Why wait?
  • Secure your spot

For general information:

  • Follow for more…
  • Learn more…
  • Unlock your…
  • See more…
  • Give it a try
  • Find out how
  • Check it out!
  • Click here…
  • Swipe up!
  • Are you ready?

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June 20, 2021