Coking Coals LLC is a producer and exporter of metallurgical coal for the global steel industry, with the bold goal of being a Carbon Negative producer. They are committed to controlling, preventing, and eliminating pollution from their operations until technology can find a green alternative for steel production. Their initiatives to combat climate change include installing solar & wind power on-site, reforestation, land rehabilitation, carbon sequestration, and converting diesel powered trucks to electric vehicles and conveyer belts.

Coking Coals LLC needed a marketing video to introduce their newly recommissioned Pardee mine to existing and potential shareholders. We realized quickly and their goal was twofold.

First, they needed to showcase the traditional strengths of their mining operation - large production capacity, high quality metallurgical coal, future reserves, and global partners.

Second, they needed to present a set of initiatives to combat climate change, which set them apart from other mines as a Carbon Negative producer.

With limited assets available, we stepped in to do some design work on the Coking Coals brand. By designing a simple and elegant "look" for Coking Coals, we were able to create a storyboard that captured complex data sets and and made them both visually appealing and informative.

We worked with a team of Directors from Coking Coals through the entire process of scripting, graphic design, storyboarding, video editing, and animation. We helped source stock footage, graphics, music and engage a voice-over artist.

The final video incorporated drone footage of the Pardee mine, photos provided by workers, and a mix of graphics and animations to drive the point home.