Masula Compliance provides comprehensive advice, consultation, design, integration, and support for businesses to meet and manage risk compliance. Their small team of highly experienced consultants create solutions and systems for work health and safety, quality assurance, environmental management, and human resources management.

Masula Compliance had received a grant from the government to build a library of digital assets for use in marketing & sales. Although they had no experience in creating videos, they knew that they preferred animated explainers in lieu of being on camera, and wanted to make the world of risk and compliance accessible to viewers.

Through initial consultations, we determined that Masula would benefit from taking their clients behind the scenes to explain the why, what, and how of being legally compliant. We decided to create three animated videos and a set of graphic avatars and icons which could be re-used in future marketing campaigns. 

Each video had a specific purpose and place in enhancing a client's experience, and provided a friendly explanation of Masula's personal approach.

Through regular meetings with Masula's senior consultants, we guided the team through every step of the video creation process - scripting, design, storyboarding, editing, and animation. We engaged a voice over artist, licensed the appropriate music tracks for each video, and even completed an extra video within the original budget of the grant.